Relaxed English lessons with an English teacher!

  • Online one to one English Lessons.
  • Practice and improve your English.
  • Learn about England and English culture.
  • Prepare for your next trip to the UK/USA/NZ/AUSTRALIA/CANADA!
  • Prepare for English interviews.
  • Prepare for study abroad in an English speaking country.


  • English Interview Preparation.
  • Business English.
  • British Cinema/Music/Literature.
  • British Customs/Food/Sport/Travel/History.
  • Preparation for Travel and Sightseeing in the UK/USA/Canada/Europe/Australia etc.
  • Preparation for starting school or job in UK/USA/Europe/Canada/Australia etc.


    If you are interested in studying English please send an email to Vincent at: [email protected] and Vincent will reply to your enquiry as soon as possible.

    Lessons will be done on Skype, Wechat, Zoom or Whats App. The fee is 21 pounds per hour. Payment can be made by PayPal or a similar system. Payment is usually for a package of four lessons which is £84.


About Vincent

Vincent Warltire is a qualified English teacher with 35 years of English teaching. He is also a tour coordinator with experience in England and Europe.

He has also worked as a guardian for overseas students studying in UK boarding schools.
He lives in Cheltenham which is in the Cotswolds area of England.

He has taught in various companies, schools and colleges in Japan and the UK in the past including Honda, Toyota, Brother, Mitsubishi, tourism schools etc.

He was also the head teacher at a large English school in Fukuoka, Japan. 

“I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you with your English and teaching you about the UK. Let’s have some fun in English together!” Vincent.

WECHAT: vincentwarltire

WHATS APP: 44 7890167701

SKYPE: vincent.warltire

EMAIL: [email protected]

ZOOM: [email protected]